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a red arrowconnectedland. people. networks. [november 2002]

a red arrowuser experience, an experience. space. data. [april 2001]

conferences, presentations

a red arrowmixed reality check. 2.5 Mb, PDF. [MEX 2005]

a red arrowfrom collision to convergence. 1 Mb, PDF. [Design Engaged 2004]


a red arrowadaptation, personalization. possibility, limits. [december 2002]

a red arrowalways-on people. connectivity. sociality. [january 2003]

special projects

a red arrowsnowflakes. fat flakes. fresh views. [february 2003]


a red arrowvernissage. blurred recollections. [september 2001]

a red arrowgranularity. real life pixels. [august 2001]