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a square, a body, a plugabout | fabio sergiofree: not confined, capable of moving in any direction, not restricted, open to all | frigorifero: elettrodomestico che conserva a bassa temperatura beni deperibilia blu square
about freegorifero, the author

freegorifero is Fabio Sergio's nighttime pastime.

Not happy with his daily work as a design strategist he spends his nights staring at a display, still eager to waste more electrones.
Is it passion? Is it lack of a social life? Is it madness? You be the judge.

Still curious? Take a look at his bio and resumé.

about freegorifero, the name

freegorifero is a concoction that mixes the English adjective free with the Italian noun frigorifero (fridge).
Roughly pronounced free-go-ree-fay-ro it was conceived to evoke freely associated thoughts packaged in a (cool) box.
A fridge filled with free stuff, get it? Thought so.

Truth is the name has been proven to be somewhat difficult to pronounce (and even spell) by speakers of both of its parent languages alike.
Usability doctor: heal thyself.

the legal bit, just in case

This is a personal website, and as such it does not in any way represent the thoughts, intentions, plans or strategies of my employer.

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